Tuesday, May 23, 2017

3D Solar Power Box

For my design, I used the original box that was given to me. Initially, all I did was add a lid to my box but I soon later found out that it doesn't need one. So, I took out the lid and created two holes in the side so I could put in a string so you would be able to wear it around your neck or wrap it around your wrist. As well, I added a long stick sort of attachment so you could grip it and hold it out in front of you.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rubik's Cube For The Colorblind

Rubik's Cube for the Colorblind

What are some real world problems that you or others face?
All over in the world thousands of people go color blind or blind. Some people are even born with being blind or colorblind. So, some people know the pain that they feel of not being able to see some things or do some things. Most people who are color blind in the world are not able to see the colors red, green, blue, or light blue. These colors are about half of the colors on a rubik’s cube and since they can not see those colors, they can not solve the rubik’s cube. We are trying to help over 2.7 million people in the world who are either not able to see any color at all or not able to see certain colors.

How might you solve this problem?
We have made a solution to this problem, a rubik’s cube with shapes on it instead of colors. This is for millions of people all over the world who struggle to solve a rubik’s cube because they can not see the color.

What problem will you try to solve?
We are trying to solve the fact that colorblind people can not do as much as regular people who have normal eyesight. So we tried inventing a game for all people to use instead of just regular people with normal eyesight.

What problems did the inventors run into?
We found out that the rubik’s cube does not turn and they found out that the cone shape turned out to be too sharp.

How can you bring an idea to life?
You can bring ideas to life by taking a while to think about how it may work and be used. It took us a while to think about how this idea we created could be realistic.

How well does your prototype work?
The prototype does not work very well, because the rubik’s cube won’t turn. Since the rubik’s cube wont turn, there is no point of having it.

What was the story of the design process?
It took us about one week on this. We came in during recess all the time to work on their invention. It took us so long to finish it because the shapes were the hardest part of our invention. It was difficult because the shapes would not go into the rubik’s cube and be printed connected to the cube. Also, it was hard because we had to know the exact measurements we wanted each shape to be and we had to line the shapes all up equally. But, In the end we had created a great design and a great product, besides the part that it wouldn’t turn and the edges were sort of sharp. Otherwise, we had created a pretty good and helpful product!

What we used to create this design.
To create this design we used the website Tinkercad. Tinkercad is an engineering and 3D printing website. Tinkercad has thousands of designs and idea for you to make and had lots and lots of tutorials so you could learn how to 3D print. We tinkered with the tools and shapes and came up with the design for the rubik's cube. we kept playing around until we had it perfect and then we had out Technology teacher Mrs. Tuten print it for us on the 3D printer. It took a day to print but it was worth it. When it had come out of the 3D printer it wouldn't turn, it was sort of stringy, and some of the shapes were too sharp and could hurt someone trying to use it. But, if we were able to change it and redesign and fix out mistakes, we would change the sharp shapes to ones that can't hurt you and we would make or find another design that actually will/would turn. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


How does STEM connect to Robotics and Lego Mind storms?

Well, STEM actually has a lot to do with Lego Mind storms and Robotics. Science helps because if you think of robots that they send to space, and if you think about our robot, they aren't very different, besides the part that the ones in space and are created by NASA are very high advanced. Even though it is high advanced, and that it has some different features, they are still created kind of similar and are ran a similar way and think/program similarly. Technology helps the robot because the robot has wires inside that help the screen on the robot to have the program that we downloaded from the computer, run on the robot. Also, since we used Technology, we used a lot of features like, Snipping tool, Blogger, Google Chrome, Lego mind storms, and most importantly, the computers. In this project we used Engineering by creating the robot and figuring out how to build it. Technically we didn't build it, but our wonderful teacher did. Last of all, we used Math by figuring out the right calculations to have the robot run smoothly and perfectly along the lines as if it was a tractor.